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Architecture Tomorrow
Architects’ Journal
119 buildings under one roof

Architecture Tomorrow was an exhibition about future architectural projects in Britain, curated by the Architects’ Journal.

Collating information from 79 different practices around the UK, the exhibition presented 119 different projects that simultaneously gave visitors a glimpse into the future of building design and provided a showcase of current trends, styles and ideas.

The exhibition design took inspiration from the iconic AJ logo; half-tone images made up of circular dots, structures made of peg board and round, red-tipped wooden pegs held the projects in place.

The modular structure provided flexibility for the curators and was also ideal for the limited space we had to work with.

Even with a relatively low budget the stand stood out from the crowd. We look forward to seeing some of the groundbreaking work that was featured come to life over the next decade.
Branding, Exhibition
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