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Planes, Trains & Drains
New London Architecture
A colourful exploration into big city infrastructure

Planes, Trains & Drains was an exhibition about London’s complex network of services; the life blood of a major metropolis.

We created a brand with a strong industrial feel, but pop art sensibilities. The logo indicates the physical area each subject occupies; planes on top, trains in the middle and drains beneath.

The room had a series of colourful pipes twisting and turning round it. Our colour palette was inspired by Harry Beck and our use of big arrows and symbols made the exhibition as appealing to children as it was to experts on city development.

Commissioned by NLA to create the identity, exhibition and catalogue, our question was: how do you make plumbing, sewers, flight paths and railroad tracks interesting to the general public? Our response was well received and Planes, Trains & Drains is often cited as one of NLA’s most popular exhibitions, having drawn in large numbers of both the public and serious planning experts alike.
Branding, Exhibition, Publication & Print
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