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Streets Ahead
Transport for London & New London Architecture
Wayfinding our way through the complex world of street design

Streets Ahead is an exhibition exploring the evolution and future use of London’s roads.

Our identity was colourful and overlapped, showing how public space in our city needs to be shared equally by pedestrians, cars, buses, vans, bikes and, one day, drones and driverless cars.

The exhibition featured colourful wayfinding, a voting system to poll visitors on their view of proposed initiatives and an unusual use for a digital ‘Countdown’ – the LED notice boards used to announce bus arrival times. We also designed projections to be used over NLA’s model of the city and provide some thoughtful data visualisation representing the different modes of transport each of us use to navigate the city every day.

With London’s population growing by 50,000 residents every year TfL face unique challenges to ensure everyone can get around the capital. While most Londoners don’t think about these issues, the problem solving and innovative ideas that go into ensuring there is enough space for all of us to share is a considerable effort.

With this exhibition we helped to highlight some of the challenges of a growing capital, and how they’re being addressed and planned for in the not-too-distant future.
Branding, Exhibition, Interactive, Marketing, Publication & Print, Web & Digital
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